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About Deviant Stormourner28/Male/United Arab Emirates Groups :iconagainst-hunting: Against-Hunting
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Deviant for 7 Years
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:bulletblack: chain mails are not allowed.
:bulletblack: don't steal my deviations.
:bulletblack: I would appreciate if you submit my deviations to a group.
:bulletblack: if my deviations are stolen, report me on the note.
:bulletblack: if you don't like my deviantions, just ignore it and press back button or X button.
:bulletblack: if you see any offensive comments just ignore it.
:bulletblack: the parodies that I make are not for the haters.


all my deviantion © me :iconyesmeplz:, not u


:bulletblack: any hidden deviations I faved doesn't mean I fav a nude deviation, it's either a horror or violent deviantions.
:bulletblack: chain mails are not allowed.
:bulletblack: don't ever steal their deviations.
:bulletblack: I only fav clean deviations (violent and horror deviations are fine).
:bulletblack: if you don't like what I fav, just ignore it and press back button or X button. :aww:
:bulletblack: if you see any offensive comments just ignore it.
:bulletblack: when I fav a holiday deviations (such as christmas or valentine's day deviations) it doesn't mean I celebrating them.


جميع الأعمال الفنية © أصحابها ، جميع الحقوق محفوظة

All The Artworks © Respective Owners, All Rights Reserved


They do not belong together #2 by RebiValeskaWho said I had that kind of power? by RebiValeskaReligion is NOT the problem by RebiValeska
Stamp 21 - respect my prophet by FullWhiteMoonReligious Tolerance by skinnyveestampReligions by RedBloodyRose
Respect, Faith, and Love by SaintbirdyStop Racism Against Islam by CamaroGirl666We're Just Like You .. by CamaroGirl666
Stamp: muslim 'n Proud by DxButterfly
My Fandoms:
MinoMonsters Stamp by ghostygoatMicolash | Stamp by R35TARTVicar Amelia by Miss-Dicess
Sweet Shaluoir|Stamp by R35TARTBrutal Doom (Stamp) by The-MoonShadow
Home Stamp by popstckStamp - Eating Disorders by MauserGirlPeriwinkle by BlueRavenAngel
++ Eating Disorders - Stamp by dimruthienProud To Be Furry by Faeth-designI don't support food fight (Stamp) by Removed6000
Proud Furry by 34dF0xNever Having Kids Stamp by WingedSonarDo Not Blame Videogames by Faeth-design
Fantards don't ruin it stamp by TheLeetCasualGamerAnti-Anti by CloudSkyWarriorJust Saying by SilentRisingSun
Clowns are not evil by LineBirgitteI laugh at fandom haters by prosaixFandoms by NickelParkLavigne
I'm ok with mlp by luvmobomoga789Single and Proud by Foxxie-ChanPro Animals by leopatra-lionfur
Fandom Stamp by LatiosdudeCrossover stamp by LatiosdudeKeep It Clean Stamp by neeneer
STAMP: I Do NOT Support Adult Cub Art by MottenfestGo to hell. by Deep-StrikeHOW DARE YOU by h-irsch
MLP crossovers stamp by axalona+Stamp+ Time for Love not Hate by TenshiNoFuu+Stamp+ Backfire by TenshiNoFuu
App Hoarder Stamp by RainbowPanda1699DA Stamp - Video Games 01 by tppgraphicsDA Stamp - Stop Killing 01 by tppgraphics
I Support All Art - Stamp by bladebanditHate Groups Stamp by VampsStockMBPanther Stamp by MBPanther
Anti Haters Stamp by sonic2344Hate Crusade by skinnyveestampAgainst Nazism by skinnyveestamp
Arguing With Kids by skinnyveestampSorry, no. by skinnyveestampAnger is Silly by skinnyveestamp
Proud to Not Hate Stamp by FlashyFashionFraudSTAMP: Nice Artists ROCK by MottenfestAnti-Anti Stamp by Miyazaki-A2
Blind Hate by SA948-Stamps2012 Stamp by NakamoNobody cares... by SA948-Stamps
Say No to ED and Yes to Wiki by TaneizaereusChecking Messages Stamp by Drake1Anti Hate Comments Stamp by sonic2344
Anti-Racism by KeykeyGimp User Stamp by NakamoComment Deleter Stamp. by Virus-20
Don't Hate Stamp by MewMidnightI love comments by SedmaHater Stamp by Pranxtorr
I Like What I Like Stamp by racingwolfOpen office stamp by cdr80700I Sniff Books by MademoiselleGrief
My Mother is My Best Friend by KrisCynicalstamp - POPULARITYohnoez by eternalsaturnReply Comments Stamp by KelpyKrad
stamp - lol, facebook by Daeg-NihtStamp- Anti-Hate stamps by rainbowmonkey9Stamp : I'm In Love... by Nylak
Stamp 11 - I respect you by FullWhiteMoonRequest: Not gonna work. by World-Hero21Up Yours, Jack Thompson by Sister-of-Charity
Wonderful Love Stamp by SparkLumIt really doesn't help you. by World-Hero21I can't take you seriously if you use insults. by World-Hero21
I'm not going to give you that satisfaction. by World-Hero21Stamp: Violence by Riza-IzumiDeviantART stamp by Mel-Rosey
Not That Type of Tolerance by DanileeNatsumi- I think too much - by Yuhon- I need more sleep - by Yuhon
My Buddies:
Lune The Umbreon Stamp by LuneTheUmbreonDjidji El-Thirbaan Stamp by Removed6000Lubna El-Jubna Stamp by Removed6000
Muzyija El-Qaafiza Stamp by Removed6000Rohroh El-Ahorro Stamp by Removed6000Solar The Rabbit Stamp by Removed6000
Mehsin Al-Kuwaiti Stamp by Removed6000Moker El-Joker Stamp by Removed6000Djidji's Characters Stamp by Removed6000
Anti-Fur stamp by Scattered-StampsAnimal Cruelty is not funny by Faeth-designQuit bitching and enjoy the wolves... by Great-5
White Tiger by SmearingSinI Love Nature by RebiValeskaSTOP POINTLESSLY KILLING SNAKES by SmearingSin
Protect our nature STAMP by SheilaBrinsonI dont support fur trading by RanStampsTrophy Hunting by HiddenxWolf
Forests by skinnyveestampRespect plant life - Stamp by JWiesnerRespect for Birds Stamp by VampsStock
animals attack stupid people- stamp by blueharukaLittle Doggie by L3xil3inDA Stamp - Care About Both 01 by tppgraphics
Against Fox Hunting Stamp by Arcanine-lv-NinetaleI hate hunting by SafaiaKibaHail to the king by Animal-Stamp
Its hammer time by Animal-StampCan't touch this by Animal-StampCrab attack by Animal-Stamp
Coyote Demonization Stamp by VampsStockSTAMP: Faux. Not Fur by MottenfestSTAMP: Real Men Are Kind by Mottenfest
Animal lover. by Monster-BoarOverpopulation hunting by Winter-on-MarsNon wolf hunting stamp by wolfmaster10
Listening to the Rain by savagebinnSay No to Squishing by savagebinnAnti-Aerial Hunting Stamp by wolf-protector
Animal Stamp by VampsStockAnother Catwa Stamp by Baka-MonkeyHunting Is Murder Stamp by Romtorum5ever
I Hate Animal Killers Stamp by PranxtorrParrot stamp by KegawaPuppy Stampede 8D :Stamp: by KooboriSapphire
Say No by EosFoxxStamp: Say NO to Whaling by Zyrra-Chylde-AishaSTAMP: Seal Of Approval by TRiGGER80
Respect for Spiders Stamp. by VampsStockFishing and Hunting by SmearingSin
Other's Fandoms:
Loki stamp by griffsnuffBlackberry Support by CaitxxSithBAAW PONYS EVRAWEERR DOH!11!!1 :Stamp: by SNlCKERS
Ponyfy Stamp by Sonic-chaosAn Unoriginal Stamp by NickelParkLavigneDead Space Stalker Stamp by WeirdHyenas
Freya by ovstampsLexi Stamp Thing by portzebieNail Stamp Thing by portzebie
Support Starsweep Stamp by starsweepAlienware Stamp by Andrex91Alu fan stamp by saucy-mo
Carlton by ovstampsHell's Kitchen - WHAT? by DemonKaizokuI Support Mah Boi Stamp by HidanKakuzuPsychoGal
Lol Face by ovstampssabur stamp by dragonwarriorsabaVANGUARD stamp by CrookedLynx
Midnight Blue Stamp by MBPanther
Alu Fan Stamp by Red-Moon-WolfShivers Stamp by Nookslider

All The Stamps © Respective Owners, All Rights Reserved


United Arab Emirates
My Timelines when I'm active:
:bulletyellow: Saturday: until 9 PM or 10 PM
:bulletyellow: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday: until 9 PM, 10 PM or rarely 11 PM
:bulletyellow: Thursday and Friday: until 2 AM, 3 AM or 4 AM
:bulletyellow: during The Ramadan or Vacations: until 3 AM or 4 AM
My Fursonas (by LuneThePom (formerly LuneTheUmbreon)):
:bulletpurple: Alpha Stormourner: Stormourner by LuneTheUmbreon
:bulletpurple: Beta Stormourner: Beta Stormourner Commission Ref by LuneTheUmbreon
Important Rules:
:bulletred: clothing is optional. no crossdressing and no suggestive clothing
:bulletred: don't ever steal my fursonas
:bulletred: feel free to draw my fursonas but read the rules first
:bulletred: I only accept clean art of my fursonas
:bulletred: I will not accept nudity
:bulletred: my fursonas' heights are the same in anthro form and different in feral form
:bulletred: no anatomical corrections on the anthro and non-anthro version
:bulletred: no diaper on baby version
:bulletred: only straight pairing is allowed. no lip kissing
:bulletred: you can draw my fursonas as any species
My Fursonas' Accessories:
:bulletwhite: Alpha Stormourner: Reinforced Collar
:bulletwhite: Beta Stormourner: Heavy Plated Collar

the rest of MinoMonsters' collars are secondary
My Characters:
:bulletpurple: Adopted: Tikky
:bulletpurple: Co-owned: Rhinegold
Real Name: Stormourner of the Nature
Age: Immortal
Height: 5 feet
Zodiac: Aries
Chinese Zodiac: Hare
Birth Flower: Daisy/Sweet Pea…
Birthstone: Bloodstone/Crystal/Diamond/Pearl/Sapphire…
Power: Psychological and Spiritual
:star: My Fandoms:
:bulletorange: Armello (© League of Geeks)
:bulletorange: Bloodborne (© From Software)
:bulletorange: Bombcats (© RadianGames)
:bulletorange: Burn & Turn (© Robot Bear)
:bulletorange: Demonstar series (© Mountain King Studios)
:bulletorange: Doom series (© id Software)
:bulletorange: Fates Forever (© Hammer & Chisel)
:bulletorange: Flower (© Thatgamecompany)
:bulletorange: Infinity Blade series (© Chair Entertainment)
:bulletorange: Jamie's Revenge series (© Voltic)
:bulletorange: MinoMonsters series (© EDEO)
:bulletorange: Raptor: Call of the Shadows (© Mountain King Studios)
:bulletorange: Sanctuary series (© Clockwork Pixels)
:bulletorange: Shadow of the Colossus (© Team Ico)
:bulletorange: Shoot First (© TeknoGames)
:bulletorange: Souls series (© From Software)
:bulletorange: The Last Guardian (© Team Ico)
:bulletorange: XOP series (© ToastSoft)
:bulletorange: Zeke & Pandora: The Stolen King (© Froggycat Studios)
:heart: Love: Allah & Nature
support the projects at Kickstarter and Indiegogo. give them a purest love and a helping hand:
:bulletblue: AdSventures Presents: Space Cadet Sven #2 (ends on February/15/2016)
:bulletblue: Baby Bestiary Volume 2 & Volume 1 Reprint (ends March/9/2016)
:bulletblue: Battle Pig (ends on February/27/2016)
:bulletblue: Cat Trap (March/2/2016)
:bulletblue: ChemCaper (ends on February/11/2016)
:bulletblue: Curse of Golock (March/11/2016)
:bulletblue: Cyantian Chronicles Volume 3 (February/26/2016)
:bulletblue: Dragon: The Game (ends on February/15/2016)
:bulletblue: End of the Mine (ends on February/12/2016)
:bulletblue: Exitus (ends on March/4/2016)
:bulletblue: Gears & Bones Volume 1 (February/26/2016)
:bulletblue: Ghost Theory (ends on February/20/2016)
:bulletblue: Greeve: The Adventure Begins (ends on February/14/2016)
:bulletblue: Infinity Imperium (ends on February/29/2016)
:bulletblue: Jonathin Quackup of the Planet Weralf #1 (ends on March/9/2016)
:bulletblue: Knights and Bikes (ends on March/4/2016)
:bulletblue: Laser Kittens (March/2/2016)
:bulletblue: Leonard Saves the City (ends on February/8/2016)
:bulletblue: MachiaVillain (ends on March/12/2016)
:bulletblue: Mutant: Genlab Alpha (March/4/2016)
:bulletblue: Nebula: Sole Survivor (March/2/2016)
:bulletblue: No Mercy (March/14/2016)
:bulletblue: NOOZh (ends on February/7/2016)
:bulletblue: One Dog Story (ends February/12/2016)
:bulletblue: Orange Moon
:bulletblue: Project Elliott (ends on February/29/2016)
:bulletblue: Pugmire (ends on March/8/2016)
:bulletblue: RoboCatz Vs. Thunder Dogs (ends on February/3/2016)
:bulletblue: Saliim (February/26/2016)
:bulletblue: Sayber Badger (ends on February/17/2016)
:bulletblue: Sven's World (ends on March/6/2016)
:bulletblue: The Canadian Beaver (ends on February/3/2016)
:bulletblue: Trial and Error! (ends on March/15/2016)
:bulletblue: Trung Sisters (March/20/2016)


:bulletblack: chain mails are not allowed.
:bulletblack: don't invite me to any group unless if I want to.
:bulletblack: I don't simply fav, comment or giving you a badge to get attention, to thank me or not to thank me it's up to you. :aww:
:bulletblack: I respect anyone (your orientation doesn't matter).
:bulletblack: I will not join any anti-anything/hate group unless it is against like abuse, racism, terrorism or other bad things.
:bulletblack: I will not join any drama-related group.
:bulletblack: I won't be much active on the weekends.
:bulletblack: I'm not a fan of (anything) except for those that are listed on the top.
:bulletblack: if you see any offensive comments just ignore it.
:bulletblack: if you want to report something to me or there's a problem, tell me on the note, not on my profile comments.
:bulletblack: learn more about me before you watch me
:bulletblack: no tagging =P
:bulletblack: respect me then I will respect you. :handshake:
:bulletblack: sorry, folks! I shall never show you my face. =P


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